5 Reasons To Buy An Inflatable Boat

There are many reasons why you should buy an inflatable boat as opposed to a hard-shelled one. An inflatable boat has many superior advantages which far outweigh any disadvantages. Let us explore but five of the most basic advantages.

1. They are far more flexible.

There is no doubt about it. These special, one-of-a-kind boats can be folded up, flipped over, compacted, resized, inflated and deflated, adjusted and so much more! There is just no telling what can be done here. The options are truly endless.

Did I mention that the prices on these boats are more flexible as well? It’s true. Check it out:

“Another major difference between boats is the price between inflatable kayaks and hard sided kayaks. Hard sided boats are generally much more expensive and require more maintenance over the life of the boat. With an inflatable boat, you will pay less for the initial purchase of the boat, and it will not cost as much to maintain it either.” (https://www.surftosummit.com/what-best-for-you-inflatable-kayak-hardshell-kayak-a-26.html)

2. They are far more stable.

These boats are firm and strong, maintaining their balance even in the toughest of water currents. They stand strong and hold to their stability, evening out the weight on the entire body. They can do this by themselves.

If you have ever been white water rafting, then that is a perfect example of this, and you know exactly what I am referring to here. Strong currents and tides, especially during the rougher areas and seasons of white water rafting, require more stable equipment and boats as a whole. They need people and vessels who can really command the waters and not the other way around. As such this can be an extremely invaluable asset for any water vessel to possess.

3. The loading capacity is larger with inflatable boats.

These boats can load more adults and pounds as a whole. Some can even maintain a loading weight of around 1,600 lbs. at most. Many people can be squeezed in as conveniently as possible to meet certain needs. Weight and balance issues are not as big a problem either. They usually tend to resolve themselves with the movement of the boat. In addition, this saves money. When you truly think about it, you can fit in more.

4. These boats are about as light as a feather.

“The beauty of an inflatable boat is that it can hold a few hundred pounds but only weighs a few pounds itself. A two person kayak can carry not only two people, but their gear and their equipment such as paddles as well. Even though the boat carries so much, only one person is necessary to carry it to the water.” (https://www.surftosummit.com/what-best-for-you-inflatable-kayak-hardshell-kayak-a-26.html)

This is a guest post by Sam of Tackle Box Nation. Sam has been fishing for as long as he can remember and now shares his love of the sport on his website.
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