5 Reasons Surfing Is Awesome

Surfing brings to mind carefree sunny days at the beach hanging out and not doing a whole heck of a lot. It is the focus of many movies and there are more than can be counted that want to run away to the beach and surf.Despite all the fan fare and mysticism that goes along with the surfing culture, there remains five very awesome reasons why surfing is tops.

1. Best Workout Ever

The fad these days is to tout how awesome a workout is. Surfing does not have to brag. Simply spend a day on the waves with a board and you will see how awesome this workout is. Surfing enhances flexibility, strength, balance, agility, as well as stamina.

Paddling out to the perfect spot, learning how to gain balance and stay standing during the ride, and even having to retrieve the board and paddle back out again uses a wide variety of muscles and takes tons of patience. Surfing entails carrying the board in and out of the surf. One also must have sufficient strength to wax the board and carry it to and from a vehicle.

2.An Extreme Sport Without Broken Bones

Face it, when thinking of extreme sports we also bring to mind the horrific accidents that happen while learning those sports. Broken bones are inevitable. Except for surfing. If you fall off your board you will fall into the water. This generally does not cause a person to break bones or mangle their body for the sport.

One may get bopped in the head by the board, and this may hurt, it may even cause a scratch or a cut. Although surfing has not been generally associated with trips to the emergency room, casts and being benched for a couple of months.

3.Get Healthier

Surfing brings people outdoors into the fresh air. The sun will be shining down on them, tans will be acquired, and breathing will get stronger with stamina increasing. People who spend more time outdoors tend to be more in touch with self and with nature and tend to have a greater appreciation of the world around them.

What is more is that while surfing and performing the tasks of the sport, one will be burning calories and getting trimmer and fitter in the process. The best part? No more stuffy, stinky gyms to have to trudge to.

4.Enhances Perspective

Surfing aids in contextualizing our place on the planet. There is no doubt one will realize how small they are in the universe when they are out on the waves. It is quiet and allows for personal reflection, and also helps to enhance one’s connection to the natural world around them. A sense of peace will ensue and stress will melt away causing a more laid back attitude and a stronger demeanor.

5. An Inoffensive Culture

Many other extreme sports get a bad rap by their intrusiveness in the areas where they are practiced. Skateboards ripping up pavement, snow boarders destroying snow pack and hogging the trails, and even motor bikes ripping up trails and destroying the peace and quiet of the natural settings. Surfing carries none of these negative connotations.

The surfing community tends to be close knit and of a like mindset. They do not tear up beaches and destroy the peacefulness of the waves hitting the beach. Rather surfing adapts to these settings and enhances the surfers’ outlook of both the people around them and the natural state of the waves and beaches.

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