5 Reasons Why Ultimate Frisbee Is Awesome

Another way to describe this Ultimate game that is played with a disc that is called a Frisbee by trademarked name, is Disc Diving. This is one of the most challenging and fun games to play with teams and friends alike. It is not difficult to learn. It is a game that groups of people can team up to play. This causes friends to make more friends while forming arbitrary or planned teams with a group of people who happen to be around at a particular time and place. Women and men can play on the same teams during the same games. This is a college game that is taking the college campus, traditional brick and mortar scene by storm. Online schools might have to figure out another way to play this game since being physically present is a requirement.

1. Learning this game is a snap.

Much like the wrist technique, the effort behind learning how the game is played is very easy. However, the proper technique to throwing the disc is something that comes with a great deal of practice. What makes the game easy to learn is that is has simple rules. All the players do is throw and the others run and try to stop it before it gets to where the opposite team player has thrown it. There is not much to that except being adept and speedy. People dive through the air a lot and it is fun to watch the movement of the players.

2. The game is energizing.

Since school requires lots of sitting, reading, writing, and focusing the mind, the blood in the body can settle a lot as well as the fat cells! Many fattening foods can be mindlessly consumed during study. Hence, this game is a way to counter act all of that sedentary bad karma. Most students abhor rising early in the morning and sometimes that is what it takes, but this feeling of anticipation for the excitement yet to come in the game is enough, many times, to get the heart pumping and unfog the brain while walking to the gym to play. The action is so quick that the fast fibers in the body really get trained well after a while. The senses are made more acute as they seek out the flying disc that is thrown by the other team. Coordination is honed with the eyes and hands that must wack the disc from its path or catch it like a football pass.

3. Inexpensive game piece.

Well, not exactly, as buying a good disc can cost a good bit, however, that is all that is required in equipment along with an open space, which is really nothing in cost as many athletic centers have many options available for teams to sign up time for. No real maintenance is required of the disc as the balls in many other sports which require proper inflation and condition.

4. It brings people closer in a happy way.

Teams often mix and change and exchange players depending on who shows up so it is a great time for socializing while getting that activity needed to keep the body from becoming a swollen lump that resembles a barn animal that never gets any exercise. The endorphins will be flowing soon and new buddies are surrounding one another all the time. It really is a great bonding activity for people of similar age groups, backgrounds, or persuasions.

5. It’s a hip and now, fun or all experience.

Games that bring people together should be fun and this one really is. Getting together is much anticipated. The teams that are formed are often future business associates and potentially future families of those who fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. It is always fun to be thrown into these types of groups that play together, eat together, and work together. Friendly competition is fun to play in and watch.

image credit: Wikimedia Commons CC3.0 license, by Sesse

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