Best Summer Water Sports

Summer and water sports go together. Often we think of the beach with water sports, but lakes and rivers throughout the nation also provide a great place to enjoy the water.  The simplest water sport of course is swimming, and the great thing there is you basically need no equipment. Being able to swim is advisable for any water sport, and it is great for the body. It might be a good idea to do a little swimming as your first water sport if you are not already involved.

Trying out new things is also a great way to enjoy the summer. Ever tried jet skis? Here are some water sports to consider, and maybe trying a new one or two would be fun this summer.

Here are some to consider.

Jet skiing is a very popular water sport. The skis can get expensive, but the good news is that there are many rentals available. Often these are for the ocean, but many lakes in populated areas rent them. You can ride the waves fast on your own powered jet ski. This is also much easier than water skiing, which takes some time to learn and you need a boat along with other equipment. It might be easier to rent a jet ski than to learn how to water ski.

Kayaking is a slower water sport, but a lot of fun as well. A kayak is a small craft usually for one person, but doubles exist, and you power this one with paddles. They are easy to use, and you can get very close to nature in these personal crafts. While a jet ski lets you fly over the water, a kayak lets you experience the water and everything around it. Canoes are similar to kayaks and could be considered the same activity. Ocean kayaking is slightly different than the fresh water version, but both get you close to nature and are a great way to explore.

Body boarding is another fun water sport for the beach that does not take a lot of money, and is easy to learn. You can learn this one all by yourself. Just get a board and use your feet to propel yourself along the surf. Boogie boards are pretty cheap, and this could be one of the least expensive of water sports to enjoy. Some people like to wear fins, but that is optional. Body boarding is very similar to body surfing, and either way, you will be enjoying a lot of surf.

Snorkeling is another water sport that gets you in touch with nature. You need the snorkels, some fins, and you are good to go. Swim along the surface, or dive some, and look at all there is to see under the water. This is a good way to get close to nature and enjoy being in the water.

If you love snorkeling, you might love scuba diving too, though it takes more effort and is much more expensive. This will take lessons and a lot of specialized equipment, but you get to go a lot deeper in the water and stay down there a lot longer. Often diving is paired with ocean activities, but lakes are also a great place to explore under the water.

Parasailing is another water sport that combines water and the air. A giant parachute keeps you in the air as you are pulled along by a boat. This is about as close to flying is you can get, and is great fun.

Tubing is another water sport that will get you close to nature. There are two varieties. One is for flat water and leisurely floating along on a lake. There is also tubing on creeks or rivers, that can get going a little fast and create a rush of activity.

Related to tubing is white water rafting. This happens on mountain streams or small rivers with rapid water, which is why it is called white water. Usually these are done with tours as it can get dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Rocks can be unforgiving if you fall out of your raft. But it is a great rush of adrenaline to go fast down a creek through amazing scenery.

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