How To Get Fit for Surfing

Surfing is one of the best sports on the planet and one that you can enjoy for a lifetime. It is not only exciting, but it is also fun and incredibly cathartic on certain occasions. Despite the skills that you possess, you will get an excellent workout surfing. However, there are numerous exercises routines you can do to improve your breath and put your body in great shape prior to paddling out.

In this guide, we shall take a look at some of the best exercises to help you surf like a real professional.


For you to surf well, you need to have balance. Fortunately, most surfing rides are short and yield non-dramatic effects on your general balance. What you need to do is to stand on a balance board and then do a couple of lunges and squats. If you don’t have a board, you can instead stand on your right foot while closing your eyes. Stand like that for about thirty seconds. Do this more often while increase the time. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Do side planks

Side planks are extremely crucial if you want to have powerful core muscles that will improve your balance, paddling as well as rotation on different turns. The best thing about side plank is that it helps to tear your oblique muscles. Stand in such a way your right side is near the floor. Now, put your feet together and balance your body with your right forearm. Raise your left hands towards the sky and let your head face the left arm. Do about two sets of 20 reps per side.

Single leg squats to increase leg strength

Strong legs can help balance your body and put you in the right position while controlling your surfboard. It does not matter if you are a novice or an amateur, single leg squats can develop your hip, core and increase your legs strength. Just stand on your left foot and lift your right foot about 4 inches off the ground. Ensure your left knee is well aligned with the right middle toe. Now, slowly lower down and bend your knees to 45 degrees. Make sure your back is straight all through the routine. Your shoulder should align with your head. Do about ten reps on each leg and hold for five seconds in the lowest position.

Deep squat with overhead reach

Prior to paddling out, it is wise to warm up so as to loosen your shoulders and hips. Separate your feet a little wider and let your toes slightly turn out. Keep your gaze forward and torso straight while squatting down and let your hands touch the ground and pause for two seconds and then resume the first posture. Repeat the procedure ten times.


A surfing session takes about 50 percent as compared to less than ten percent on wave riding. However, if your paddling muscles are not in shape, then the session has to be short.

The above training tips can greatly help you if you combine all of them at once. If you remain consistent with the workouts, your balance will improve significantly, and you will be able to surf without any problem.

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