5 Best Beaches for Water Sports in Florida

Florida is known for their gorgeous weather as well as their large variety of great beaches. There are many different beaches throughout Florida to play and compete in water sports. Choosing just one can be hard depending on which water sports you’re most into. Below are five of the best beaches for most types of water sports in Florida, or if you’re looking for the best beaches in the Sunshine State for paddle boarding, check out my list here.

1. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale beach is one of the top beaches in Florida and offers more than 20 miles of gorgeous sand and warm water. It is a very short walk from most restaurants as well as hotels and offers a large variety of things to do. Individuals can enjoy water sports such as scuba diving, sport fishing as well as sailing and boating. Individuals can also enjoy other top water sports such as jet skiing as well as parasailing and surfing. It is one of the most gorgeous beaches that Florida has to offer.

2. Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach has been rated the number one beach in the United States a few different times by travelers all over the world. It offers warm sandy coastlines and tons of fun activities for the whole family. Some of the fun water sports include fishing, boating and surfing. Aside from water sports Siesta Beach also offers tennis and volleyball nets. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and offers so many different things to do.

3. Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is often referred to as the most sportiest beach in Florida. It offers a large variety of fun and interesting things to do. Aside from picnic areas, playgrounds, and a volleyball court there are plenty of fun and exciting water sports to do. Some of the top water sports include boating and sailing as well as fishing. It is one of the most interesting and unique beaches that Florida has to offer.

4. Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach is the perfect location if you are looking for a quiet out of the way setting. It is only accessible through one public road but offers a large variety of things to see and do. Some of the key water sports that Crescent Beach offers is snorkeling as well as diving and scuba diving. Beachgoers can also enjoy the point of rocks which is an area filled with coral formations as well as bright colorful marine life. For all of these reasons and many more Crescent Beach is one of the most private, secluded and quiet beaches in Florida.

5. South Beach

Located in the gorgeous area of Miami, South Beach is one of the trendiest and most unique beaches that Florida has to offer. Not only does South Beach offer a variety of fun restaurants and nightclubs but it also offers a ton of fun beach activities. Some of the top beach activities include tennis, golf, and bike riding. South Beach is known for offering a variety of fun watersports. Each beachgoer can enjoy fishing as well as sailing and boating. Beachgoers can also enjoy surfing, jet skiing, parasailing and a variety of different watersports. It is one of the most exciting beaches in all of Florida.

Although Florida has a large variety of beaches to choose from these are just five of the best beaches that offer water sports. Each beach offers their own unique setting as well as their own unique benefits. While some beaches offer a more social vibe some are more laid-back and quiet. With so many great beaches and so much Sunshine it is easy to see why Florida is one of the top states in all of the United States.

This is a guest post by Alex of Just Paddleboard, a site dedicated to the sport of stand up paddle boarding.

Best Foods To Eat Before Surfing

Your grandmother probably told you not to eat before swimming because you will get a cramp and drown. Modern studies show this is a complete myth – there has never been a recorded case of somebody drowning after swimming – or surfing – on a full stomach. That said, you probably don’t want to eat a huge meal before hitting the waves – the same as any other workout. Instead, you should eat a light meal or snack – enough to keep you going through your session and so you don’t leave the water starving and desperate for any kind of food (that is when stopping at the nearest fast food joint happens).

Before surfing you should eat a small meal or large snack that balances protein and carbohydrates and contains some natural sugars to give you immediate energy. Here are some suggestions.

  • Breakfast cereal or porridge with milk and fruit or juice. A lot of the time you might be surfing early in the day, so many of these suggestions are for breakfast type foods.
  • Toasted muffins or crumpets with honey, jam, or syrup.
  • Toast with honey or jam. Or if you want more protein, baked beans or peanut butter.
  • Creamed rice with tinned fruit
  • Pasta with tomato-based sauce
  • Jacket potato with creamed corn or a similar light filling. (Loaded jacket potatoes are best for afterwards)
  • A cereal bar, muesli bar or sports bar. This is a good option if you are in a hurry or if it is very early in the morning when you may have less of an appetite.
  • Banana roll or sandwich with honey.
  • Fruit salad and yoghurt or a dairy dessert.
  • Fruit smoothie with milk and yoghurt. Some people recommend soy-based smoothies, but soy milk contains phytoestrogens which can cause problems for some individuals.
  • Coffee. If you are the kind of person who sharpens up with just a bit of caffeine, a cup of coffee or black tea can be the perfect pick me up.
  • Flapjack with nuts. Flapjacks give you a good energy release for longer surf sessions.

You should also add a banana. Bananas contain potassium, which can prevent muscle cramps and charlie horses. If you can’t stand bananas, then here are some other foods that are high in potassium and good to snack on: Coconut water (which is also excellent for hydration), apricots, cantaloupe, dates, nectarines, nuts, orange, raisins, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and plain yoghurt.

Drink plenty of water (or coconut water or a proper sports drink) before surfing. Absolutely save the alcohol for afterwards – alcohol can impair your judgment and result in an accident or worse. Also try to drink sports drinks and eat a light snack during a session that lasts more than an hour – sports and cereal bars are great for this, as are fruit or even candy (in moderation) to give a quick sugar boost.

Remember that surfing is work and your body needs to be properly fueled for it – and enjoy the waves.

This is a guest post by Andy of Active Zoned, a blog where he shares his love of getting fit and active sports.

5 Fitness Tips for Kayakers

Whether you are new to the sport of kayaking, or just looking to stay in shape during the winter, we’re here to help you out. We’ve got some great tips to ensure that you get the proper workout in order to stay in the best shape for kayaking season.

1. Start to practice with a rowing machine. Utilizing a rowing machine for training will provide you with a bodybuilding routine that actually works 84 percent of the muscle mass in the human body. Make sure you feel at ease with your rowing workout. If you do that, then you will learn to understand the concepts of rowing strategies. It is imperative that you accomplish that, before you attempt kayaking on any sort of turbulent water. And if you’re a tall person, then you’ll want to be sure to look for a rowing machine for tall people to get the most benefit from your workout.

2. A pre-workout dinner needs to be amongst the largest meals of the day. Don’t forget, proteins are a component of a workout diet program that will help provide energy for your workout. Don’t think that eating a large meal is always bad. Starches are the primary fuel source used up in the course of the exercise. Therefore, it might be extremely important to devour starches before a workout of any sort to supply energy, along with other vitamins eliminated in the course of the workout. After a workout, the vital aspect of workout nutrition is the consumption of healthy proteins. Should you not consume healthy proteins and a wide variety of amino acids after exercise, you make yourself susceptible to, and are likely prone to suffer from, personal injury resulting from damaged muscle mass fibers waiting to be repaired.

3. After a healthy protein drink, you need to focus on a meal geared towards high protein, filling foods. Good protein sources are dark greens, beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh and seitan. However, that’s not simply because protein is utilized as exercise energy; your system requires healthy proteins to do a whole lot of things. Movement: whether it’s dancing or deadlifting, is merely the exposition of a well-nourished body. These foods carry natural active ingredients, which will help feed the adrenal glands. They additionally minimize elevated cortisol amounts, as well as lessen stress. They are also alkaline-forming as well as common-allergen free, as they are not made from whole milk, gluten, grain or sugars.

4. Stay away from overtraining: If you feel weak, or aching, you are likely overtraining. This article explains just how to avoid the common mistake of overtraining. Hypothetically then, you might do your chest muscles, shoulders, triceps and ab muscles on Friday; on Sunday you might do your legs, back, biceps and ab muscles; you would take Wednesday off to provide your muscle tissues some time off; on Thursday you’d do chest, back, triceps as well as ab muscles once more; and on Sunday you would probably do legs, back, biceps and abdominals again. Muscle tissues grow by tearing, as well as mending. Therefore, the time off is essential.

5. If you have got lots of time, you could do every muscle group once a week. For aggressive bodybuilders and powerlifters, it really is common practice to have multiple sessions weekly. If you are not on steroids, your muscles are not able to restore on their own quickly enough to do every muscle every day. This is especially essential whenever you are moving and pulling the same muscles for distinct sessions.

Utilizing an identical program for multiple days, one after another, while employing the same group of working muscle mass too often, is truly not likely to be of any value. For illustration, in the event you train your chest muscles on Monday and then triceps the next day, then your triceps never really get any rest. That is because they may be indirectly utilized, along with your chest muscles, on Friday and Sunday.

Renting vs Buying Snorkel Gear

Snorkeling the sparkling, blue waters of your favorite destination, in the company of beautiful reefs, rainbow colored fish, and other underwater aquatics, can be an exciting and life-altering experience. In fact, it is one of the main reasons many travelers go on vacation.

While preparing for your snorkeling excursion, you may wonder if is better to rent your snorkel gear once you arrive or to simply buy it. To help with your decision, take a look at some of the benefits and cons of both.

The benefits of renting snorkeling equipment:

The main benefit of renting snorkeling gear is that you don’t have to lug big, heavy equipment along with you on your trip. For instance, fins are especially large and can take up quite a bit of space in your luggage.

Another benefit of renting snorkeling gear vs buying it is that it comes at a cheaper price, which is especially beneficial for first time snorkelers who may never snorkel again, or often.

In addition, if you plan to take up snorkeling as a hobby, renting your gear provides the option to try out various equipment without paying a hefty price or being stuck with the wrong gear.

The cons of renting snorkeling equipment:

Though rental gear is sanitized often, the idea of using face masks and snorkels after someone else is enough to deter some people from renting. Furthermore, depending on the location and time of year, snorkel rentals may be busy, which means it might be harder to find a mask or other equipment that properly fits your face.

The quality of rental gear can also be an issue, as some rental places do not typically keep up with the latest in snorkeling gear. In addition, rental gear can be pretty banged up or scratched from multiple uses.

Lastly, if there are no snorkel gear rentals near the area where you are staying or plan to snorkel, it could mean taking extra time to search for one.

The benefits of buying snorkeling equipment:

The main benefit of having your own snorkel gear is that it eliminates the hassle of searching for the right gear or rental shop once you reach your destination.

Furthermore, buying your own snorkel gear means having equipment that fits you properly. It also provides the option of searching different shops for a variety of equipment at a price that fits your budget. Many sporting good stores offer a variety of budget-friendly equipment, which is just perfect for families and non-hobbyist snorkelers.

Sanitation concerns will also be eliminated because you are the only user; therefore, you are in control of rather the equipment is properly sanitized or not.

Lastly, owning your own gear means you have the freedom and versatility to snorkel anywhere and anytime you’d like as opposed to having to rely on tour groups.

The cons of buying snorkeling equipment:

The biggest issue with buying snorkel gear is that it can be expensive, which can be a hassle if you’re only planning to snorkel once.

Additionally, carrying your gear with you on trips also means having less space in your luggage, which could be used to transport other items.

How to Get the Best of Both Worlds:

When it comes to obtaining snorkel equipment, experts suggest not limiting yourself to just one or the other. Instead, they suggest purchasing your own snorkel and mask from a local snorkel shop, since they are fairly light, and renting your fins once you arrive at your destination.

In addition, having your own mask and snorkel means having equipment that fits your face properly and eliminates the issue of sanitation, which will help give you a peace of mind while snorkeling.

5 Reasons Why Ultimate Frisbee Is Awesome

Another way to describe this Ultimate game that is played with a disc that is called a Frisbee by trademarked name, is Disc Diving. This is one of the most challenging and fun games to play with teams and friends alike. It is not difficult to learn. It is a game that groups of people can team up to play. This causes friends to make more friends while forming arbitrary or planned teams with a group of people who happen to be around at a particular time and place. Women and men can play on the same teams during the same games. This is a college game that is taking the college campus, traditional brick and mortar scene by storm. Online schools might have to figure out another way to play this game since being physically present is a requirement.

1. Learning this game is a snap.

Much like the wrist technique, the effort behind learning how the game is played is very easy. However, the proper technique to throwing the disc is something that comes with a great deal of practice. What makes the game easy to learn is that is has simple rules. All the players do is throw and the others run and try to stop it before it gets to where the opposite team player has thrown it. There is not much to that except being adept and speedy. People dive through the air a lot and it is fun to watch the movement of the players.

2. The game is energizing.

Since school requires lots of sitting, reading, writing, and focusing the mind, the blood in the body can settle a lot as well as the fat cells! Many fattening foods can be mindlessly consumed during study. Hence, this game is a way to counter act all of that sedentary bad karma. Most students abhor rising early in the morning and sometimes that is what it takes, but this feeling of anticipation for the excitement yet to come in the game is enough, many times, to get the heart pumping and unfog the brain while walking to the gym to play. The action is so quick that the fast fibers in the body really get trained well after a while. The senses are made more acute as they seek out the flying disc that is thrown by the other team. Coordination is honed with the eyes and hands that must wack the disc from its path or catch it like a football pass.

3. Inexpensive game piece.

Well, not exactly, as buying a good disc can cost a good bit, however, that is all that is required in equipment along with an open space, which is really nothing in cost as many athletic centers have many options available for teams to sign up time for. No real maintenance is required of the disc as the balls in many other sports which require proper inflation and condition.

4. It brings people closer in a happy way.

Teams often mix and change and exchange players depending on who shows up so it is a great time for socializing while getting that activity needed to keep the body from becoming a swollen lump that resembles a barn animal that never gets any exercise. The endorphins will be flowing soon and new buddies are surrounding one another all the time. It really is a great bonding activity for people of similar age groups, backgrounds, or persuasions.

5. It’s a hip and now, fun or all experience.

Games that bring people together should be fun and this one really is. Getting together is much anticipated. The teams that are formed are often future business associates and potentially future families of those who fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. It is always fun to be thrown into these types of groups that play together, eat together, and work together. Friendly competition is fun to play in and watch.

image credit: Wikimedia Commons CC3.0 license, by Sesse

5 Reasons To Buy An Inflatable Boat

There are many reasons why you should buy an inflatable boat as opposed to a hard-shelled one. An inflatable boat has many superior advantages which far outweigh any disadvantages. Let us explore but five of the most basic advantages.

1. They are far more flexible.

There is no doubt about it. These special, one-of-a-kind boats can be folded up, flipped over, compacted, resized, inflated and deflated, adjusted and so much more! There is just no telling what can be done here. The options are truly endless.

Did I mention that the prices on these boats are more flexible as well? It’s true. Check it out:

“Another major difference between boats is the price between inflatable kayaks and hard sided kayaks. Hard sided boats are generally much more expensive and require more maintenance over the life of the boat. With an inflatable boat, you will pay less for the initial purchase of the boat, and it will not cost as much to maintain it either.” (https://www.surftosummit.com/what-best-for-you-inflatable-kayak-hardshell-kayak-a-26.html)

2. They are far more stable.

These boats are firm and strong, maintaining their balance even in the toughest of water currents. They stand strong and hold to their stability, evening out the weight on the entire body. They can do this by themselves.

If you have ever been white water rafting, then that is a perfect example of this, and you know exactly what I am referring to here. Strong currents and tides, especially during the rougher areas and seasons of white water rafting, require more stable equipment and boats as a whole. They need people and vessels who can really command the waters and not the other way around. As such this can be an extremely invaluable asset for any water vessel to possess.

3. The loading capacity is larger with inflatable boats.

These boats can load more adults and pounds as a whole. Some can even maintain a loading weight of around 1,600 lbs. at most. Many people can be squeezed in as conveniently as possible to meet certain needs. Weight and balance issues are not as big a problem either. They usually tend to resolve themselves with the movement of the boat. In addition, this saves money. When you truly think about it, you can fit in more.

4. These boats are about as light as a feather.

“The beauty of an inflatable boat is that it can hold a few hundred pounds but only weighs a few pounds itself. A two person kayak can carry not only two people, but their gear and their equipment such as paddles as well. Even though the boat carries so much, only one person is necessary to carry it to the water.” (https://www.surftosummit.com/what-best-for-you-inflatable-kayak-hardshell-kayak-a-26.html)

This is a guest post by Sam of Tackle Box Nation. Sam has been fishing for as long as he can remember and now shares his love of the sport on his website.

How To Get Fit for Surfing

Surfing is one of the best sports on the planet and one that you can enjoy for a lifetime. It is not only exciting, but it is also fun and incredibly cathartic on certain occasions. Despite the skills that you possess, you will get an excellent workout surfing. However, there are numerous exercises routines you can do to improve your breath and put your body in great shape prior to paddling out.

In this guide, we shall take a look at some of the best exercises to help you surf like a real professional.


For you to surf well, you need to have balance. Fortunately, most surfing rides are short and yield non-dramatic effects on your general balance. What you need to do is to stand on a balance board and then do a couple of lunges and squats. If you don’t have a board, you can instead stand on your right foot while closing your eyes. Stand like that for about thirty seconds. Do this more often while increase the time. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Do side planks

Side planks are extremely crucial if you want to have powerful core muscles that will improve your balance, paddling as well as rotation on different turns. The best thing about side plank is that it helps to tear your oblique muscles. Stand in such a way your right side is near the floor. Now, put your feet together and balance your body with your right forearm. Raise your left hands towards the sky and let your head face the left arm. Do about two sets of 20 reps per side.

Single leg squats to increase leg strength

Strong legs can help balance your body and put you in the right position while controlling your surfboard. It does not matter if you are a novice or an amateur, single leg squats can develop your hip, core and increase your legs strength. Just stand on your left foot and lift your right foot about 4 inches off the ground. Ensure your left knee is well aligned with the right middle toe. Now, slowly lower down and bend your knees to 45 degrees. Make sure your back is straight all through the routine. Your shoulder should align with your head. Do about ten reps on each leg and hold for five seconds in the lowest position.

Deep squat with overhead reach

Prior to paddling out, it is wise to warm up so as to loosen your shoulders and hips. Separate your feet a little wider and let your toes slightly turn out. Keep your gaze forward and torso straight while squatting down and let your hands touch the ground and pause for two seconds and then resume the first posture. Repeat the procedure ten times.


A surfing session takes about 50 percent as compared to less than ten percent on wave riding. However, if your paddling muscles are not in shape, then the session has to be short.

The above training tips can greatly help you if you combine all of them at once. If you remain consistent with the workouts, your balance will improve significantly, and you will be able to surf without any problem.

5 Reasons You Need To Try Wakeboarding

If you’re looking for a new sport to explore, or simply want to try out a fun new activity, you might want to consider wakeboarding. Not only is wakeboarding an extremely enjoyable, but the whole family can get in on the action, and as every boat enthusiast knows, there is no such thing as a bad day on the lake. Here are five reasons why you should give wakeboarding a shot.

1. Learning is Fun and Easy

One of the great things about wakeboarding, is the fact that it is fairly easy to learn. While it may take a while in some cases to learn how to stand up, the vast majority of people get the hang of standing up fairly easily and retain the skill permanently. Even if you have never tried to wakeboard before, with a few simple tips, you should be up and riding in no time.

2. Great Exercise

There is no question that wakeboarding is amazing for the body, as it takes core strength to carve through the water, especially if you are pulling tricks. Finding a form of exercise that is truly enjoyable is without question one of the best ways to minimize the hurdles that come with getting in shape. Wakeboarding is an excellent form of exercise, so getting out on the lake frequently is a fantastic way to lose some weight and increase your overall health.

3. Meeting New People

There is a massive wakeboarding community, full of individuals that are looking to form new friendships with people that share the same passion. There is a huge social aspect to the sport of wakeboarding, which is great news for anyone that is looking to expand their social life with like minded people that truly love life. There are many conventions that take place all over the country throughout the year, as well as large meet ups at certain lakes and wakeboarding locations.

4. Every Day on the Lake is a Good Day

It is widely stated that the worst day out on the lake is far better than the best day in the office. Getting out on the lake is something that is truly enjoyable and really lets people connect with nature. Picking up some great rides is merely a bonus, which is why so many people that try wakeboarding end up loving it and continue to partake in the sport for many years.

5. Being Strapped in is Not Necessary

A lot of people who may have wanted to try wakeboarding are weary of the fact that their legs have to be strapped into a board. This is a particular concern for anyone that has had any knee or ankle injuries in the past, which is a very valid concern. However, the great thing about wakeboarding is the fact that there are many options, which don’t require that you actually get strapped in. Wake surfing is a sport that has gotten increasingly popular over the last few years, which is essentially the act of surfing on the wake behind the boat. There are also wake skates as well, which means that anyone who doesn’t want to get strapped in can still enjoy some fun on the lake.

This is a guest post by Sam of Waves Weekender. Learn more about water sports and wakeboarding with Sam’s beginner wakeboard reviews.

Essential Snorkeling Gear

Water sports are extremely popular worldwide. In fact, when you think of water sports most people usually only think of skiing and swimming. There are others, of course, and one of the most fascinating and intriguing of these is the sport of snorkeling. Snorkeling is not like scuba diving because you are not going very deep you are mostly only going right beneath the surface of the water. You might go as deep as 6 or 8 feet or so but only for brief instances. Even though you usually don’t go that deep, snorkeling shows you some of the most amazing sights the oceans have to offer.

What Gear Do I Need?

Good snorkeling gear is essential for a good underwater experience. What you need first for this sport are a mask and a snorkel. The mask is, of course, the viewing device you wear over your face to see underwater. They come in many types and styles. Some are made with optical quality glass and some are made of plastic. Some of the masks have purge valves and some don’t. You can even get full face masks if you desire. Do some research on the various kinds available before you decide what you want to use.

The next device you need is a good snorkel. The snorkel is the device that lets you breathe air while your face is submerged in the water. Snorkels come in different sizes for adults and children. Like the masks, some have purge valves and some don’t. In some, the barrels are longer and there are even several designs with other features that make their use more comfortable for the user.

Swim Fins And A Vest

Swim Fins are worn on your feet to help make propelling you through the water much easier. There are two basic types of swim fins, the kind that attaches to your foot with a shoe type pocket and the kind that attaches to a half foot pocket and includes a heel strap. The kind that is best for you is generally more of a personal preference.

This now brings us to the snorkeling vest. Is a vest absolutely necessary? No, not really but a vest can be quite useful if you aren’t a strong swimmer and are especially good for children. The vest allows the wearer to inflate and deflate it to adjust their buoyancy in the water. This can be very useful if you are snorkeling and want to take a rest. You can also inflate your vest to relax just a bit. The vest can, however, hinder the user from free diving to depth.

Other Snorkeling Items

While none of these items are absolutely essential to the sport they can be quite handy. One is a form of skin protection. This can be a wetsuit or other lycra based or waterproof jumpsuit. These garments can be used as a form of thermal insulation and even as a sun guard to keep you from getting sunburn.

The other question that always arises is what kind of gear is the best to have? Though many people may think that the most expensive equipment is the best this is not necessarily true. With snorkeling gear the equipment should be comfortable to use and it should fit you exactly. Also take into account the materials the piece is made of. A poor quality material will affect the pieces durability, fit, and even its comfort. Also look at options that the piece has that may enhance its usefulness. Check if the piece has any replacement parts available and of course consider the price along with the other factors.

5 Reasons Surfing Is Awesome

Surfing brings to mind carefree sunny days at the beach hanging out and not doing a whole heck of a lot. It is the focus of many movies and there are more than can be counted that want to run away to the beach and surf.Despite all the fan fare and mysticism that goes along with the surfing culture, there remains five very awesome reasons why surfing is tops.

1. Best Workout Ever

The fad these days is to tout how awesome a workout is. Surfing does not have to brag. Simply spend a day on the waves with a board and you will see how awesome this workout is. Surfing enhances flexibility, strength, balance, agility, as well as stamina.

Paddling out to the perfect spot, learning how to gain balance and stay standing during the ride, and even having to retrieve the board and paddle back out again uses a wide variety of muscles and takes tons of patience. Surfing entails carrying the board in and out of the surf. One also must have sufficient strength to wax the board and carry it to and from a vehicle.

2.An Extreme Sport Without Broken Bones

Face it, when thinking of extreme sports we also bring to mind the horrific accidents that happen while learning those sports. Broken bones are inevitable. Except for surfing. If you fall off your board you will fall into the water. This generally does not cause a person to break bones or mangle their body for the sport.

One may get bopped in the head by the board, and this may hurt, it may even cause a scratch or a cut. Although surfing has not been generally associated with trips to the emergency room, casts and being benched for a couple of months.

3.Get Healthier

Surfing brings people outdoors into the fresh air. The sun will be shining down on them, tans will be acquired, and breathing will get stronger with stamina increasing. People who spend more time outdoors tend to be more in touch with self and with nature and tend to have a greater appreciation of the world around them.

What is more is that while surfing and performing the tasks of the sport, one will be burning calories and getting trimmer and fitter in the process. The best part? No more stuffy, stinky gyms to have to trudge to.

4.Enhances Perspective

Surfing aids in contextualizing our place on the planet. There is no doubt one will realize how small they are in the universe when they are out on the waves. It is quiet and allows for personal reflection, and also helps to enhance one’s connection to the natural world around them. A sense of peace will ensue and stress will melt away causing a more laid back attitude and a stronger demeanor.

5. An Inoffensive Culture

Many other extreme sports get a bad rap by their intrusiveness in the areas where they are practiced. Skateboards ripping up pavement, snow boarders destroying snow pack and hogging the trails, and even motor bikes ripping up trails and destroying the peace and quiet of the natural settings. Surfing carries none of these negative connotations.

The surfing community tends to be close knit and of a like mindset. They do not tear up beaches and destroy the peacefulness of the waves hitting the beach. Rather surfing adapts to these settings and enhances the surfers’ outlook of both the people around them and the natural state of the waves and beaches.